Android Word Games: 7 Great Options

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There’s nothing new about word searches, but Wordathon gives you a genuinely fresh look at the genre. A grid of cubes to be connected allows you to hunt up words within a brief time limit. With four grid layouts to experiment with and infinite random possibilities, Wordathon is a fresh challenge every time you try it.

Another nice twist on the word search concept is Ruzzle. This app offers you a limited set of tiles you can use to make words within a very limited time span. Some tiles carry bonuses, and you can earn far more points than you’d think possible by figuring out the longest possible words on the board. Ruzzle is an extremely community-minded game; you can play head-to-head with friends or track your overall progress on tournament leaderboards.

In Heads Up! you get a digital version of the classic party game that requires you to guess what word is written on a card on your head. As with any variation on this classic, you’ll be collaborating with other players who give you clues, but there’s only so much time for guessing. Flex your creative muscles and see how quickly you can put together the pieces! This excellent recreation of the party game takes the fun on the road and allows you to challenge your friends no matter how far apart you are.

Heads Up
In Spelltower you have a fusion of word games and space-filling puzzles like Tetris. An ever-growing block of word tiles moves up your screen. Your challenge is to extract tiles by linking them into words. The action continues despite your best efforts, and if your screen fills up the game is over. How long can you stay on top of the tower?

Word Brain is a game with a simple premise but a complex and enthralling execution. As with many word games, you ferret out hidden words and remove them from the puzzle. The trick here is that each puzzle is constructed so that it will be possible to erase every tile — provided you find the right words in the right order. With broad multi-language support (more than 15 languages supported_ and over 500 puzzles, Word Brain delivers a ton of entertainment value for even the most dedicated word game enthusiast.

In fact, Word Brain has become notorious for its challenging gameplay. Multiple levels have become infamous for their difficulty, and it’s always tempting to claim the game is broken when you meet a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. The truth of the matter is that it’s all in the choices you make: Every one of your moves has to be carefully planned and its consequences weighed. According to the app’s developers, every level has its solution. If you’re having trouble finding the solutions you can find some cheats here:

When it comes to multiplayer word games, Wordament is deeply invested in communal play. Every player using the app plays on the same board, leading to a wild experience featuring plenty of competitive challenge. It’s not all about excelling in a single area, though. Wordament tracks tons of different performance measures. Will you aim for the best possible score? The fastest solution times? The longest words? The largest number of words? Wordament lets you set your own goals.


When Scramble dropped the words “with Friends” from its title, it didn’t get rid of the awesome gameplay that had won the app so many fans. It’s a straightforward word search, challenging you to pick out the largest possible vocabulary from the letter grid before your time is up. To get the highest scores, you don’t just need large words. Blue tiles will give you bonuses when employed skillfully, and there are also power-ups delivered sporadically to pump up your performance.


Another new game that should be added to this list is word cookies created by Bitmango. This puzzle game can be solved by finding hidden words with the given letters. The words can be discovered by swiping with finger over the given letters. This is not an easy game as you will have to know a lot of english words in order to progress through the levels. However a lot of sites like this one: offer help if you are stuck at a specific level.


Top Android Games That You Have To Start Playing Today!

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It is really amazing all the tings you are able to use your smartphone for, isn’t it? It seems there is an app for just about every need we have, whether it is at home, work, or school. It is even possible to file your taxes by phone! What if you have no need for productivity in your life? What if you just preferred to have fun and maybe lose an hour or so fighting off monsters or escaping an ancient tomb? I don’t know about you but I think I would just like to play a game as opposed to a real life tomb raid. We have listed some of our favorite games that you should give a try.

The Banner Saga – $9.99


This was originally a PC based game that involved using your mind and following a strategy. Now we can lead our group of Vikings to glory as we create an epic journey on the Android app. One of the higher priced games on our list, but it is well worth it!

Crazy Taxi – $4.99

Crazy Taxi

Did you love playing those incredible Dreamcast games? Do you hate the idea of Uber as it may cause the extinction of our beloved yellow cans? Did you fall in love with The Offspring? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have to be playing Crazy Taxi, if you aren’t already. While there is a remake on the market, your best bet is going to be the classic version.

Disco Zoo – Free


If you are a fan of time wasting games (and who isn’t), you will love this game from the creator of Tiny Tower. You are going to love the premise and goals of this game. You are in charge of a zoo and you earn your cash by throwing the ultimate zoo bash in were all your animals get up and bust a move.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood – Free

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Before you start sending me hate mail about including Kim on my list, listen to my reasoning. This is actually a very addictive game that has a fun storyline and is actually well written. You will probably have a lot of fun playing this even if you are in the Kim K Haters Club!

Lyne – $2.50


If you are a fan of puzzle games that make you curse and want to throw your phone, have you played Lyne? Because this is one of those games. The goal is to connect each geometric shape a certain number of times to win. While it sounds simple enough the difficulty level approaches quickly in this game. Just starting out with the game there are literally hundreds of puzzles and new ones are released every day, so there is never a chance of this game ending on you anytime soon.

Marvel Conquest of Champions – Free


If you find you are not getting enough of the Marvel Universe in the movies or TV you can bring it to your phone with this impressive game. This is a simple one-on-one fighting game that gets to be very addicting. Just a word of warning- you better have your finger tapping skills up to par.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition – $6.99

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

You can not have lived in the 21st century and not have heard of Minecraft. You may not understand it, but you have heard of it. If you are unfamiliar with gameplay you live in a world where you dig, craft, and create as long as you want. This is a strangely compelling game that you will be drawn to many times throughout the day as you just have the desire to build.

Ridiculous Fishing – $2.99

Ridiculous Fishing

Your goal is simple – you need to hook as many deep sea fish as you can before they are tossed into the air. Don’t want to use the traditional rod? Throw it aside and use your minigun! Yep, you read that right a minigun in a fishing game. Trust me it simply doesn;t end there, the game gets weirder. I can guarantee this will be one of the most ridiculous fishing trips you have ever gone on.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Free

The Simpsons Tapped Out

At this point in time you may consider anything from this long-running cartoon to be just a process of milking the cow dry, this game is actually far from it. Like so many other games, there are plenty of opportunities to get you to pull out your wallet. However this game seems to do it all in fun, almost like the developers never expected anyone to ever really pay for anything. One of the best parts of this game is when you have the chance to completely re-skin Springfield and all of its residents.

Pixwords – Free

Pixwords - Free

This is an incredible word challenge puzzle. Every word is a crossword puzzle that has been hidden in a picture. Will you be able to solve all the words? When you solve one word, another letter is opened until the full puzzle has been revealed. You can find cheats for this game at

If you have any suggestion please add it in the comments.

Explaindio Video Creator 2 Pro LIFETIME Review- Don’t even think to invest!

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Explaindio Video Creator Pro-2.0-Review


Video Marketing nowadays is known to be the most engaging online medium. So if you want to make the right impression to your customers or to your followers making a well done video is the right way to go. First is important for you to understand why video making is so important for your business.

When you create a video your targeted audience is more willing to hear what message you are giving. When you create a marketing video it’s better  to keep it less than 2 minutes. Because that is the timing that most of your audience will watch the entire message, or else they are going to click off and you might loose potential buyers.

Instructional video of a product allows people to see what can do for them the product you are proposing. This makes your product and you more trustworthy and this means better conversion.

Explaindio Video Creator 2.0 PRO

The content of your video must be interesting and funny. Would you stay and see what will happen in a video if its not the least interesting?
Exactly that’s what we thought.
The first 15 seconds of the video are the most important. If they are not interesting or funny the audience will leave without even knowing what your product is about.

Remember with video marketing you can pass on information in a powerful and effective way. There are different types of videos like sketch animation, doodles etc. So its important to choose the right tool to present your content in the best way possible.

Do you need another reason why should you use video for marketing your product or services?

92 % of the top selling products on Clickbank use video on the sales process this number should give you an idea to why video attracts much more than the written content. While a written content just sits there for someone to read the video allows you to reach out and connect to your targeted audience.

Now that you now how important is video marketing, you should also now the tool you need to create quality video.

To make a quality video you must have graphical and programming skills, or you can outsource your videos. Both are very expensive, the first because you waste a lot of time in learning those skills and the second because you waste a lot of money.

Here is where Explaindio Video Creator 2 Pro comes in handy. It allows you to combine live animation, whiteboard scketch and full motion video. All in a single software which is very simple to use. With the great video you are going to build in just minutes you are going to see your conversions touch the sky.


Just imagine what you can achieve with all the three elements combined in a single video: full motion video, animation and white board sketch.

The most important thing is that you don’t need experience as a programmer to use this simple software. You can create professional videos as a beginner in just a few clicks.
You don’t have to spent any more money paying expensive designers to make you videos. You can do everything yourself in just a few minutes. Is really that easy.
Explaindio 2.0 is simple more capable and certainly more powerful then its predecessor Explandio 1.0. It will enable you to do amazing things. And for most you i’ts going to be the most important creative tool to use.

Now with the new Explandion Video Creator 2 Pro LIFETIME you can have Hollywood-Like studio Video creation Capability. Its build with feature like animation, doodle sketch, the full motion video and impressive simplicity to use. Now it has a completely new interface for a more rapid and more advanced video creation.

The software will allow you to create videos for marketing, advertising or even explainer video in just few clicks.
That ca be translated in more profits, in less time with no production cost.

Just a few new Explaindio Video Creator 2 Pro features to make you understand why it it the best product out there

Sketch the first frame of the video and then make transition to the live video

Sketch the first frame of the animation you have picked and them make amazing transition to the animation

Make multi-step, sprite like, moving animation of any objects including video, animation, image and doodle.

“Green screen” video so you can replace any color with images, live videos, animation or doodle sketch.

Font Import & International Characters. You will have 300 + Fonts to get you started but you can also import different tyoes of fonts that are in TTF format so you can writte in any language

Dynamic Zoom. You can zoom in or out for video, image, doodle sckech or animation and ca set independent action time for zoom sequence

Dynamic rotation. The same as for the dynamic zoom you can set multiple rotation action and set independent action time for every single rotation sequence.

What will you get extra?

200 Pre-Done Animated Slides

800 Doodle Sketch Images

Access to Explaindio Closed Facebook Group

100 Full HD Background Videos. Animated motions background video to make your videos richer.

Background Audio Tracks.Knowing how important is audio for a video we are going to give you Background music audio tracks to get you started.

300 Stock images

6 Animated Characters.Each character comes with a set of animations

Easy to follow tutorials. The most important you can learn the use of the software in a more effective way with those tutorials.

Now the Explaindio Video Creator 2 Pro Creators are launching a new offer with it you can get  everything we just mention for LIFETIME. You will not pay every month. You just get it once to use the way you like. The offer it limited. To learn more about how can you create the mos amazing and engaging videos click below.



France Recognizes Allergy From Wifi Waves

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Scientists still discuss the effects but in Toulouse a woman will have a pension

The enemy is in the air. Invisible, intangible yet able to trigger allergic reactions as if it were the pollen grains or some kind of food. Headache, fatigue, skin reactions, asthma, nausea, palpitations: thousands of people are convinced that the electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones, wi-fi and other electronic devices can endanger their health.


The scientific community shakes its head; there is virtually no literature that proves the correlation between these symptoms and the waves at high or very high frequency. We are facing with an allergy. Yet there are some patient associations that are fighting for the recognition of this type of hypersensitivity and thus they are asking for help and reimbursements for “being sick” by the local health authorities. These groups have welcomed the trial of days ago in Toulouse, France, hoping to launch a new phase in Europe. The first one is a woman of 39 years, Marine Richard, the court recognized her the right to an indemnity of 800 Euros per month for three years because her sensitivity to electromagnetic waves is a handicap. She receives the money at her home in the Pyrenees, where she lives without electricity and away from sources that can provoke reactions. It is completely disconnected, no cell phones or cordless phones, no wi-fi and no antennas nearby.

From some time now the health effects of electromagnetic waves is being discussed. There are several scientific studies that investigate the long-term exposure and the relationship with diseases such as cancer. The history of Marine Richard instead has to do with the acute consequences of the contact. The almost immediate reactions, as if they were in fact allergic reactions, which would trigger in those who are within range of a Wi-Fi device. The World Health Organization already years ago has been considering the problem with a short document which is expressed in quite clear terms about the uncertainty of a cause and effect relationship between high-frequency waves and health problems. The Hypersensitivity of Electro-Magnetic Fields is characterized by a range of non-specific symptoms, which the affected individuals attribute to exposure to these fields. We only can say that it is all based on what the ill individual tells, because there is no scientific evidence. Similarly, it is difficult to understand what kind of impact this problem has. It goes, accordingly to the World Health Organization, from some cases per million inhabitants to a much greater frequency.

“A research team from London made an interesting study of this hypersensitivity , with the system of double-blind, such as the one used to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs. According to Francesco Violante, Professor of Occupational Medicine in Bologna:- people who see themselves as sick were divided into two groups. One was exposed to electromagnetic waves, the other was not. Of course no one knew which group they belonged to. Well, no one realized if the devices that emit waves were on or off. Violante studies for the Emilia region, the people who say they suffer from MSC, that is, multiple chemical sensitivity, a problem discovered earlier and much like electromagnetic hypersensitivity, both in its manifestations and in the absence of a scientific connection between these and the exposure. We treat the symptoms, however, because these people are bad, he said. About half of the patients we see have psychological problems. Carlo La Vecchia sees it much like him. He is a professor of epidemiology at the University of Milan. Without certainties, we must work on case to case for these problems. What I would emphasize is that since we were invaded by these devices that work with electromagnetic waves are not seeing an increase in the general population of problems such as headaches .

For Settimio Grimaldi, researcher of the Institute of Pharmacology Translational CNR:- is difficult to understand what the psychological factor is in these symptoms. But I am convinced that some people really have problems with frequencies such as the wi-fi, because I know one of them well. Unfortunately, there is a widespread and even not controlled use of wireless. We are creating a very strong pollution, he said.

Introducing My Bikini Belly From Shawna Kaminski- Flat Belly In 21 Days

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That belly is getting fatter and fatter and there is nothing you can do about it? Do you have a special occasion and need to look gorgeous for it?
Sometimes exercising alone it’s not enough and also those boring exercise aren’t making you happy.


You don’t have to starve yourself: in fact starving yourself sometimes you achieve the opposite effect because of the complexity of the human body
In these article we are going to give you some tips on how to lose weight and feel good while doing it:

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. They can give you the energy you need without all the calories you don’t need. They have a lot of fibers to make you feel full so they keep you from putting your head inside the fridge every 10 minutes.
  • Change the way you snack. Whenever you feel hungry between meals choose a handful of almonds instead of a bag of chips. They are healthier and a great source of energy.
  • Coffee can help you with your weight loss program. It can give you a lot of energy for you to exercise and also in the other hand it can boost your metabolism so you spend more calories while exercising.
  • Blue berries are a must for your diet if you are trying to lose weight. They are packed with a lot of antioxidants and they are also delicious.
  • Tuna also is a great source of protein and it’s very healthy. You can it tuna salad, a tuna sandwich or as you prefer
  • Try to limit yourself from eating when you are stressed out. This is not the easiest thing to do , I know. But you should think for a second if you are feeling hungry an hour after launch. You should stop and think of what stressed you, maybe your boss yelled at you, or your colleague is a complete jerk. You should avoid eating while you are emotional. Probably it will make you feel better for a minute but it will make you feel even worse later because you’re still gone be emotional later and you also took a lot of calories you didn’t need. Try to relax and find something that will make you feel better without eating.
  • Keep track of what you eat during the day. As with the money you spend its always better to keep track of the kind of food you ate and its quantity. This way you can stop yourself in time before exceeding with calories and also it might help you find out what triggered the hungry feeling you had.
  • Careful when you go for lunch or dinner in restaurants. Often that the biggest mistake that people do while trying to lose weight. Even you have to go for a business launch you always have to be careful on what you order. Choose fresh vegetables, salads and also avoid high calorie foods. Also alcohol is too to be avoided.

If your biggiest problem if you belly and you are doing everything we mentioned but with no great results there is something else we can do for you.
We can present you with a new approach that combines your metabolism with the right body movements that aim to restart your natural system allowing you to burn belly fat.
After all these why aren’t you achieving your goal? Here are our answers:

    1. It’s not that you don’t work out enough you just don’t do it the right way
    2. It’s not because you don’t have willpower you just don’t do it the right way
    3. It’s not because you are getting older and your body its not what it was 10 years ago, you just don’t do it the right way

Finally you understood that it not the right way and we are going to show you that the right way takes just a few minutes of your time, it’s not boring and it very quick. Follow “My Bikini Belly” program by  Shawna Kaminski, a long time athlete and a weight trainer.

bikini belly

• And you will have a tighten belly
• You will see result in just a short period of time
• It will also help rejuvenating your skin, hair and nails upgrading your metabolism

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 – Simple Tips For Internet Marketing Through Sketch Style Videos

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Whatever you are doing, stop now and take some time to learn some of the most vital things you can do to increase your potential for internet marketing. This article will tell you the top tricks and tips that are currently available.

Of course, the content that you write for your site is very important, but it is more critical that you learn to please your customers first rather than the search engines. When you visit a site that is top-ranked, you will see that the site does not contain lots of links and keywords. Rather, they are first businesses that are legitimate and they use keywords to help their customers locate them rather than using them to have the search engines thrown into their faces.

The key is to make sure your internet marketing message is straightforward and simple. Because there is such a large amount of content on the Internet and because the competition for people’s attention is so intense, most readers will not even read a message that is complicated or long. So if you make sure your message is straightforward and simple, your users will read it rather than glance at it and move on like the will with messages that are longer.

Be sure to completely master the techniques of internet marketing. Never be just a novice who is passive. Internet marketing will be second nature to you after you have invested your time into learning different techniques. If, instead, you just make a half-hearted effort to learn some random tips, you will not be successful. So put in the time at the beginning and you will become an internet marketing expert not an internet marketing failure.

  • Look at your website title as it appears in your browser. You know that keywords are vital if you want to attract customers but, if they cannot do a search and find your website, they will not buy from you. So look at your site through the eyes of your visitors and make sure it lives up to your expectations.
  • Create a website! Even though this seems like a no-brainer, there are still businesses that try to market online but never create a website. Internet marketing, including a website, is necessary even if you sell all of your products in a store. You will be able to let your potential customers know what you are selling and find ways to encourage them to visit your store.
  • If you have a coupon online and you want to attract even more customers, think of ways you can use to offer that discount on a sliding scale. The idea is that if the customer buys more, the discount goes up. When your customers realize they can save even more, they are often tempted to buy several more of the product so that they can get the higher discount. That means you will be able to make more sales.
  • To make it to the big time in internet marketing, never be afraid to outsource your work. Try it if you are able to find someone who can do the same work for you in less time. That will free up more of your energy and time to do the things that you are really good at and enable you to test new strategies for marketing and new ideas for products. You should be spending your time and your efforts looking for quality content and service providers and, after you find them, pay them well so that they will want to do the best possible work for you.
  • Do whatever it takes to get links from other websites to your sites. You might try social networking with Twitter and Facebook and word of mouth promotions. Do what you need to do to get the word out about your content and your site. Make sure you share their content and they will be much more willing to share yours.
  • The most important start doing videos. There is no easier way to promote your product in internet than with a well done video. Video Markting is the next step you should try. You don’t have to spent a lot of money on video production. Now with the ‘hand drawn’ sketch style videos from the new software Easy Sketch Pro you can get even better ranking. It is easy and it is cheap. What else do you want more.

In summary, in just the time it takes to read this article, you have learned that internet marketing is absolutely critical in this internet-dominated age and that you will need to do your research and put the information that you find to good use. When you have learned these things, hopefully you will notice that positive changes are happening in your company.

A Bug At Whatsapp, 200 Million Users At Virus Risk

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The bug happened at the end of August, it was discovered by a security company called Check Point and the web version of the chat app owned by Facebook, has been repaired.


Whatsapp was at risk, and it didn’t look good for a few hours. The threshold of nearly one billion users (the milestone of 900 million has been announced a few days ago), the instant messaging service WhatsApp makes a good challenge for hackers. The security company Check Point has detected a dangerous flaw in the web version of the application that putted at risk 200 million people registered.

The “bug”, which has been repaired, allowed to distribute viruses, including the dreaded “ransomware” those who take “hostage” devices and files. The vulnerability, experts said on the company blog, concerned only the Web version of WhatsApp, the popular chat owned by Facebook. From January – and from a few weeks for iPhone users – the service is available not only through application of smart phones but also from the PC, downloading code and using access credentials as your telephone number.

The flaw identified allowed hackers to trick users by sending their contact to the phone book – in the format ‘vCard’, very similar to the genuine ones – but which were carriers of different types of viruses. All that the hacker needed was the cell phone number associated with the account to “infect it”. Check Point said it had reported the flaw to WhatsApp on August 21 and on August 27 the application sorted this out, but the news was not known until today.

Whatsapp had already been “rejected” in June by the research of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which gives the report cards to the giants of the web in terms of privacy and protection of personal data: promoted Facebook and Twitter. Whatsapp instead was considered “a real colander” of private data .

Fill a “Twisume”, Now You Can Find A Job Using Twitter

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CHANGE your life thanks to 140 characters. It’s the magic of Twitter beauty, a social network world where a new work is gained through the mini curriculum.


Goodbye forever to lengthy descriptions and exhausting meetings with the heads of personnel. What we need, in the era of the ads 2.0 it is the gift of synthesis. Beware, though: those 140 characters, blessed by lazy and who panics in front of the white sheet, can be treacherous. Well aware of headhunters and HR managers who are turning to Twitter as the new Bible. Already 13% of companies in 2014 said to recruit talent through a sentence. Also are increasing the companies that want to engage fresh forces that choose to post their work offers following the trend of brevity. Disney, L’Oreal, Starbucks and Accenture already did. Some people applauded and there are those who tremble but after all this is the beauty of the future.
How to manage this strange creature by the name of “Twesume” (word made up of Twitter and resume) explains Francesco de Mojana, founder of the consulting firm Arethusa. The first secret is constancy, Twitter is an eternal rosary going shelled every day: “You have to feed the channel dedicating it at least five minutes a day”. So attention to what you write. “Twitter is the 2.0 edition of the old ads Portaportese” says de Mojana, “as in the old time careful with words because every word costs, you must not slip into the wrong definitions”. Here is the guide for a digital business card: “The characters are not 140 but only 132 because the hashtag #resume reduces the space. Are required two different profiles, one personal and one business, and on the latter following of singers, actors and players are banned leaving room for companies, sector blogs, human resource managers. The picture? It must send a reassuring image. The tricks are the same as advertising: synthesis and originality without pressing companies. The best strategy is not an attack but a slow approach, concludes de Mojana, “for a few days follow a company, you write in your blog and then communicates with (fake) indifference that you would like to work with them, never with anxiety “. The final touch is to complete the sentence with a link that connects to your blog or LinkedIn profile.

For Gabriella Bagnato, Director of Advanced Organization and staff at Bocconi, although the use of the social networks for purposes other than entertainment is increasing and becoming more popular we must be careful. Reducing the sense of a professional life in less than 140 characters I think dangerous, she said. The youngest are all on Facebook, the masters on LinkedIn, and Twitter as micro blogging appeals to everyone with the exception of senior profession. I find it great that with a tweet you want to represent your identity and use followers to approach businesses but it’s not enough. The moral is to use Twitter but not only it. You start with a tweet as a sign of interest, said Bagnato and then continue with LinkedIn or the old curriculum. The way to hired is a strategic puzzle that engages the social networks, interviews with headhunters, meetings with the chief of staff and a video presentations

Finally for Mariano Corso, professor of Organization and Human Resources at the Milan Polytechnic the social networks, when it comes to hiring, include also top managers with white hair: “It is a growing tool not only among young people, in fact, often are the mature people that keep their network thanks to followers and tweets. Also because the issue of looking for work is no longer just for young people, but concerns all the appearances on the network and they are thought of as an opportunity and a subtle way to improve one’s reputation. If LinkedIn is the instrument par excellence of managers, Twitter has the advantage of being a fast channel and pervasive online presence.